Here is an overview of the some of the oldest sports trophies in the world. These trophies are still in practice and each of them has a wonderful history behind it.

Trophies and awards are offered up to what we consider the pinnacles of sporting excellence each year in various different sports across the world. The most popular are football trophies, cricket trophies, golf trophies and various other trophies and medals in countless other sports.

It is always a dream for the athletes to win a trophy. Winning a trophy remains as a great achievement for each and every sports person. They work hard, spend most of the valuable time in a day to just polish them as the best in the series and win the trophy. There are some trophies in this world which are very tough to win and needs a lot of hard work. We have a run-down of the top 7 most prestigious sports trophies in the world.

7 Sports Trophies In The world:

FIFA World Cup Trophy

FIFA World Cup Trophy

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup Trophy is named after former FIFA President Jules Rimet. Made up of an 18-carat gold body with a malachite base, and depicts two people holding up the Earth the World Cup tournament is the most popular global sporting event, even more popular than the Olympics, it is safe to say that it is the most sought after trophy worldwide.

IndyCar Racing

IndyCar Racing hands out a milk bottle to each winner of the race, alongside an 18-inch replica of the Borg-Warner trophy. Each champion’s face, average speed and date of victory are added to the real trophy, which weighs over 100 pounds and extends over five feet in height.

America’s Cup

This regal design befits its status as sports oldest prize, The America’s Cup, or ‘Auld Mug’ as it is affectionately known by sailing types, rates as something truly special. Its history, right from when it was first raced for in 1851, packs as much punch as the legal brawls it inspired in 1988 between a syndicate from New Zealand of all places and the San Diego Yacht Club. Crafted with as much care as some of the tactics which go into winning the races, the trophy has a bold yet Grandfatherly feel about it that makes it a nice fit for the gentlemanly pedigree of yachting. And seriously, how many trophies for a sporting event could bring a World Leader to say this: ‘Any boss who sacks a worker for not turning up today is a bum.’Yes, ajubilant Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke famously stated those very wordswhen Australia II won the 1983 America’s Cup.

ICC Cricket World Cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy is presented to the winners of the World Cup finals. The trophy was designed and produced in London by a team of craftsmen over a period of two months.The trophy is made from silver and gild, and features a golden globe held up by three silver columns.

Webb Ellis Cup

The Webb Ellis Cup is the trophy awarded to the winner of the Rugby World Cup. The Cup is named after William Webb Ellis, who is often credited as the inventor of rugby football. The trophy is silver gilt. It has been held twice by New Zealand (1987 & 2011), Australia (1991 & 1999) and South Africa (1995 & 2007), and once by England in 2003.

Davis Cup Tennis

Only one trophy weighs more than the athletes that do battle for it. At 105 kilograms, the Davis Cup commands the type of respect that goes with being the largest annual international team sports event. At 110 cm tall, 107 cm wide (at its widest point) photographers would be advised to opt for the wide lens before they start clicking away. With its cosy, there’s room for one more size and wedding cake appearance, the Davis Cup trophy is as homely as it is impressive. It’s keenness to evolve puts other trophies to shame; plaques and wooden plinths are regularly added as new winners emerge. Like Serbia. Comments by Serb superstar Novak Djokovic that his 2010 triumph in the Davis Cup final was the best moment of his career are a reminder of the prestige of this event. This was no small call coming from someone who is part of a community of athletes who often can’t be bothered to show up to that little event they have every few years called the Olympics. We salute you Davis Cup trophy.

Lombardi Trophy

Lombardi Trophy

Lombardi Trophy

The Lombardi Trophy awarded to the winners of the Super Bowl is sterling silver and was made by Tiffany &Company. Originally called The World Championship Game Trophy its name was changed in 1970 after the passing of an iconic coach. After each Super Bowl, the winning team’s name, date, and score of the game are engraved.The Lombardi trophy has become much more iconic in recent seasons, because of the elaborate presentation of the award.

The Sam Maguire Cup

Gaelic football might not have the team at ESPN clambering to put the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship on their highlight reel but The Sam Maguire Cup is everything in Ireland. Sometimes referred to as ‘The Sam’, this cup has a holy and religious feel to it. Topped off with Irish calligraphy that gives it a chalice-like feel, this trophy is anything but generic. Big enough for more than one person at a time to drink Guinness from, this Irish treasure was a must for our list.