If you have adopted baseball as a hobby and looking for a new or replacement baseball glove for your old one, here is a review of the top 7 best 2015 models worth buying.

Baseball is probably one of the most popular sports in the US and several other countries. It is so popular that youngsters enroll to play in junior leagues. A lot of people play it in their own backyards while others just enjoy having a glove in their home as a token of appreciation for the game. There are a lot of models available to choose from made from various fabrics and in different colors. There are gloves for left handed and right handed people and come in different sizes. Here are the top 7 best baseball gloves in 2015 reviews, build quality and fabrics used.

Easton BX1300B Baseball Glove

Best Baseball Gloves 2015

Best Baseball Gloves 2015

This is a baseball glove that features exquisite design and top grade stitching to guarantee high performance on the baseball pitch. The series offers a range of fits to suit different players in the field of play. A catcher’s glove has no finger channels but includes heavy palm padding as well as all-round reinforcement to take most of the sting out pitched balls. For the infield player, the glove has channels for all five fingers to ensure fast ball retrieval while gloves for outfield players are much longer and come with a pocket too to hold lofted balls. It is this diversity in craftsmanship which places Easton baseball gloves in a class of their own.

Rawlings Player Preferred Series Glove

A dual purpose glove crafted from the highest quality leather. Its distinctive, full depth pattern structure will come in handy for both softball and baseball players. The richly patterned full-grain, cognac leather shells are carefully crafted for catching balls. The glove’s versatility is enhanced by incorporating Rawlings’ famed “ZeroShock” in-palm padding element to reduce the sting of high speed balls. Catchers will also love the brushed nylon fingerback linings which are as comfortable as it gets.

Franklin Sports Field Flex Teeball Glove and Ball

The Franklin Sports Field Flex glove is an inexpensive product that is aiming for the ones that have a limited budget. It is less than $20 and decently built. The glove is made mostly out of synthetic leather and textile materials that are durable. Its design was made to fit left handed players and features a no break-in construction. The glove also comes with a ball which adds more value to the product which is already quite inexpensive.

Mizuno Franchise Baseball Glove

Finely crafted from pre-oiled Java quality leather, this is a baseball glove made for professionals. Don the glove and you will feel ready for the game at the highest level without much ado. To ensure full integrity during play, a fully laced web is maintained for the entire length. This quality is further enhanced by inclusion of an innovative “Hi-Low” lacing style. All these features add up to a fitting glove with all the flexibility needed for much easier closure. As you would expect of a top Mizuno sports product, the gloves feature a specially designed palm pad for added protection in action.

Rawlings PL105BB Players Series Youth Baseball Glove

This Rawlings PL105BB model is the currently the best baseball glove in the market. This left-hand-throw glove has 10% player break-in. Its T-ball patterns are exquisite, while its conventional back with a stable composite shell works well for pitchers and infielders.

Evoshield Adult Pro Batting Gloves

Evoshield Adult Pro Batting Gloves

DeMarini Rogue BBG Baseball Glove

Though, crafted for all-round versatility, this is however a baseball glove that is more suited for infield players especially due to its innovative H-Web design feature. With its specially strengthened sublimated and patterned nylon back, the DeMarini is both a good looker and a high performer. The gloves also come with especially strong, two-tone laces which together contribute to the distinctive shaggy and flashy appearance. The special stitching and materials make for a lightweight glove that will suit different players, not just the hitters.

Evoshield Adult Pro Batting Gloves

These high performance batting gloves offer the best protection, thanks to their unique custom molded hand shield pad. Soft on delivery, this pad can mold into a hard protective shield in just thirty minutes and you can insert it into the concealed pocket on your lead batting hand. The seamless Pittard leather and the PoweStretch fabric help provide a perfect grip, improve breathability, and make the gloves durable.