Here are cricket equipment and accessories includes cricket bats, cricket balls, cricket kits and much more from leading sports equipment like Slazenger, Readers and Hunts.

Cricket is becoming popular globally; the day is not far away when like Soccer, Cricket will become mass mania across the globe. The sport is like a religion in India and Pakistan. In India all youngsters aspire to become Sachin Tendulkar and Kapil Dev. Pure love of this game can be witnessed during World Cups, especially if match is between India and Pakistan.

Cricket Sports Equipments and Accessories

Cricket Sports Equipments and Accessories

This fantastic, nerve wracking game is played between teams of eleven players each. Due to increasing corporate interest and huge amount of money associated with the game, cricket equipment has become more and more advanced.

Cricket Batting Gloves

The Cricket Batting Gloves are made of finest cotton so as to give batsmen a firm grip over the bat. These batting gloves are designed innovatively to ensure proper airflow in them. The Cricket Batting Leather Gloves we manufacture are available in varied sizes and colors. We also have combination for left-handed batsman. We are among some of the reliable Cricket Batting Sports Gloves Exporters.

Cricket Bat

A bat is made of wood and has a handle where the batsman holds the bat. It cannot be longer than 38 inches or wider than 4.25 inches. The front portion of the bat is flat and back portion has a slender curve, which gives the bat thickness and balance.


The standard circumference of a cricket ball is 9 inches. The ball is made of cork at its center, wrapped in twine and covered with leather, which is stitched to form a seam. White ball is used in the short version of the game, while a red ball is used in the test cricket.

Wicket Keeping Gear

We are among the most trusted names in all Wicket Keeping Gloves Manufacturers. Our range of cricket accessories includes Wicket Keeping Gear which is made in thick foam padding to ensure safety of hands. The design ensures proper flow of air to guard the hands from sweating. We also manufacture the inner for these gloves. We are among leading Lightweight Wicket Keeping Gear Suppliers.


These are three wooden poles of height 28 inches. It has a conical bottom and a horizontal groove across the top end. There are three stumps at each end, with two bails sitting across the top of them and are equally spaced to cover a width of 9 inches.


A rope which demarcates the perimeter of the field is known as boundary line. This is marked by a thick white rope.

Cricket Batting Pads

Cricket Batting Pads

Cricket Helmet

Helmets are worn by batsmen and a maximum of one close fielder or keeper. Helmet is a must to avoid any accident in the field be it full toss, top-edged or a throw, which can hit the player’s head.

Cricket Abdominal Guard

t is high density plastic with smooth edge worn to protect the “privates” when batting against a cricket ball or other hard ball. Wicket keepers and fielders close to the wicket should also wear it. It is also called box, cup or cricket box.

Cricket Batting Pads

We are among the most flourishing Premier Cricket Batting Pads Manufacturers. The Cricket Batting Pads manufactured by us are strictly on the lines of professional standards. These Cricket Batting Pads are available in double padding as well as with 2 and 3 belt options. These pads are available in many sizes.